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Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

Originally created to improve patient health outcomes and lower health care costs; MTM consists of a wide array of patient care services, ranging from disease state management such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma and others; to medication therapy review, with a goal to detect possible non-adherence, medication interactions and other medication therapy problems. MTM services are fully covered by all Medicare Part D plans and will be provided at a minimal cost to all other patients who wish to take advantage of those services. 


What to expect from an MTM service:

  • Medication Therapy Review (MTR): during this step, the pharmacist meets with the patient either in person or over the phone to review all of his or her medications, including prescription and non-prescription items such as herbal products, vitamins and other dietary supplements. At the end of this encounter, the pharmacist provide the patient with a

  • Personal Medication Record (PMR): a comprehensive document that lists all medications with a summary of important details. PMR is used by the patient as a tool to self-manage medications and share with other health care providers to ensure the continuity of care

  • Medication-Related Action Plan (MAP): a personalized document written in a simplified manner to help patient optimize their medication therapy and act on any identified issues. It is a very useful tool to share with caregivers, other healthcare providers and family members

  • Intervention/Referral: within the pharmacist’s scope of practice an intervention or referral will be made to avoid, minimize, or resolve medication related problems identified earlier in the process

  • Documentation and Follow-Up: all services performed will be documented to help in evaluating progress, and follow up visits or phone calls are scheduled based on patients needs and circumstances      

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Medical Supplies

We carry a wide selection of durable medical equipment including bathroom, mobility and life aids at affordable prices. Anything we do not stock will be ordered for the next day.

Stop by and check out our products and catalogs. 



As part of CareLink’s commitment to providing a wide spectrum of health services, immunizations are offered following the most up-to-date CDC recommendations. Our pharmacist, Nahla, has been a certified immunizer for over 10 years, during which she administered a large number of immunizations and earned a great deal of customer satisfaction. We accept most major insurance plans and will bill them accordingly. Below are some of the immunizations we offer. Please call us to inquire about any other vaccines. (*denotes vaccines that require an appointment, please call 48-72 hours in advance):

  • Influenza

  • Pneumonia

  • Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis

  • Shingles 

  • Measles/Mumps/Rubella*

  • Hepatitis A & B*

Wound Care

In our Wound Care section we carry a selection of products from some of the leading brands in wound care such as 3M, Curad, and Dukal. Surgical dressings, adhesive tapes, sterile gauze pads and sponges are just a few of the items we have.

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Blister Packaging

Take the right medicine at the right time. With blister packaging, you or your caregiver will save time sorting pills and making sure all medications are taken when and how they are supposed to. Do not miss a single dose any more. Call or come into the pharmacy to choose from the different options we have to make your life a little easier.


Travel Medicine

Before you embark on your next trip abroad, head over to CareLink Pharmacy and let our highly trained pharmacist prepare you for a healthy and worry free trip. From immunizations tailored to the area you are traveling to, to prophylactic medications to protect you against the most common travel diseases such as malaria, Traveler’s Diarrhea, seasickness, and altitude sickness. In addition, we carry a wide range of sun protection products, insect repellents and insect bite treatments. To begin, call the pharmacy to schedule a pre-travel consultation. Services will be billed to your insurance as appropriate.

Skin Care and Sun Protection

This is our passion! We hand picked our skin care and sun protection products to encompass a unique variety you can't find at your normal drug store or even at most retail and specialty stores. Products are a collection from all over the world. We have testers and free samples, so come on in to take a look and try some for yourself.  

Incontinence Care

A wide selection of bathroom aids, adult underwear, bed liners, bed pans, and urinals, are among the products you will find on our shelves.

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